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New Partnership!

Recent news continues to confirm that SuperSci’s mission and ideas are being proven in the market. With two new adoptions of the solution, which we look to highlight in further detail in the future, we have also been working hard to build relationships within the science and teaching communities. With that said, we are proud to announce our acceptance as a vendor partner with the Florida Association of Science Supervisors (FASS).

FASS is a collection of dedicated science educators looking to make strides in science education with the following mission:

  • Promoting effective leadership, supervision, coordination, and teaching of science including:

  • Providing leadership for coordinating and implementing science programs and policies in Florida.

  • Assisting the efforts of the Florida Department of Education and other science-related organizations with science education activities and initiatives,

  • Disseminating materials and information to the science education community.

  • Sharing the joy of doing science with colleagues, teachers, students, and the community. (source: FASS official website)

In addition to their ongoing mission, they also host semi-annual conferences, with the next one commencing on May 2, 2022 in Lake Mary, Florida. SuperSci is looking forward to advancing our relationship with the FASS while attending the upcoming conference.

If you or your institution are part of any similar type of organization, we would like to connect with you! Please contact us so we can see how a partnership with your organization can help improve science education in your community!

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