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SuperSci adds New Team Member and New Book Series!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

We at SuperSci are excited to announce that James Bonilla has joined our team as the Curriculum Project Manager.

James Bonilla is an educator with over 28 years of experience performing duties as a school teacher, college professor, school coordinator, school principal, director of international programs, academic director, advisor for different boards of education in LATAM, instructional designer, project manager, teacher trainer, international speaker and academic consultant among others.

As is the case in most startups James will be wearing many hats, but his primary responsibility is managing the development of our series of companion books that tie directly into the SuperSci Online platform.

Thank you SuperSci for the incredible opportunity to be part of this outstanding team! As mentioned above, I will be wearing multiple hats but will primarily focus on curriculum development and project management. Excited and completely sure that we will achieve great things together!!! - James

Speaking of books, we are just as excited to announce the production of our physical

materials! Tubey and Dr. Astro have jumped out of the digital format into print! Each grade level will be divided into volumes that represent each room in the application. The material will follow the same sequence as the online platform with a clear connection for students. Each volume includes illustrations and characters that connect directly to the online product as well as some Augmented Reality features, terms glossary, practice worksheets, and exercises.

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