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SuperSci Industry Insights - March 2022

This week we bring you a few key pieces of content focusing on changes in the EdTech industry and developments and challenges across the Education sector.

Please let us know what information you find the most valuable and we'll work to tailor our updates toward your interests.

We look forward to your feedback.


4 Concepts that will shape education in 2022

Checkout this article written by Louisa Rosenheck of Kahoot. She shines the light on topics and issues that have come up during 2021 that will shape our learning environments in 2022!

Source: eSchool News


Career Insights: Women, STEM, and the Talent Shortage

This press release presented by YouScience, an assessment organization, highlights the significant opportunity from women and female students in STEM roles. Their data specifically highlights the aptitude vs interest in these roles. There is even a handy 4 page report you can download.

Source: You Science


Poor fidelity may mean effective education strategies never see light of day

Promising new education interventions are potentially being 'unnecessarily scrapped' because trials to test their effectiveness may be insufficiently faithful to the original research, a study has warned.

Source: Science Daily


School Tech Woes: Digital Equity, Cybersecurity, IT Staffing

School districts in North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana represent case studies in three of the biggest challenges facing K-12 schools today: tech equity for students, cybersecurity and IT staff shortages.

Source: Government Tech

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