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SuperSci's K.J. Moses appears on local podcast

We are excited to share that K.J. Moses our Manager of Operations had the opportunity to participate in a local business podcast recently. K.J. had a great chat that included a variety of topics. The host, Chris Heine had many questions about SuperSci, how it impacts student's success, and why we do what we do. As a fellow entrepreneur from SWFL we appreciate Chris's interest in what we are building right down the street. As soon as its released we’ll make sure to share a an update. Don't miss it, sign up for our newsletter today.

Topics Covered:

  • The Founding story of SuperSci

  • The Spiral Learning Method

  • Learning Loss / Covid

  • STEM

  • Our Discounted Pilot Program

  • Product Features

  • The impact of student engagement tracking and individual learning paths.

In the sneak peak below, hear KJ talk about the Spiral Learning Method, a key tool used ensure success with SuperSci:

Thanks to Chris of Cheine Productions for inviting us to participate in the SWFL Business Podcast (

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