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Ensuring your grant program's success

About Us
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At Tubey Services we have one goal. To ensure that grant funds and services make it to the individuals that need them most.

Who are we?

We are a consulting company based in Florida working with nonprofit urban Indian organizations to provide students with educational choices and career-building skills.

What do we do?

Why do we do it?

It is important to us to assist students and families with school supplies or career-building services to enable the student to have an enriching academic experience and prepare them for success with the funds allocated by the funding organization. Its been our experience that many organizations need support to ramp up efforts after winning grants. 

Common Issues encountered after winning a grant:

  • Compliance

  • Workflow

  • Marketing

  • Staffing / Delivery

  • Reporting

How do we do it?


We have a team of talented team members and partners ready to step up and support your project.  Why struggle through marketing, technology solutions, or recruitment if it is not your area of expertise?


Did we mention that we have a distributed team of developers that we have vetted over years of partnership? We don't believe tech is the solution for everything, but when we find an opportunity to optimize through tech, we have the resources on tap.


Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in project management and problem-solving. We'll work with you to identify opportunities to optimize the workflow and ensure an amazing client experience.


Tubey Services was created by a group of people who have achieved success in their careers but are looking for something more. We want to have a positive impact on the lives of others. We hold our mission near and dear to our hearts. It is common for a member of our team to be caught crying over a thank you note shared by one of the parents or students we work with and we want to help you reach as many of those parents and students as possible.


Our area of expertise is solving problems such as program adoption, order fulfillment, finance optimization, and grant delivery workflow for organizations.

Services We Provide


Tubey Services processes requests daily and selects the most affordable and fastest shipping option to ensure that the goods or services arrive on time. These items include School supplies, Travel Requests, Self-paced learning tools, or Tuition support.

Workflow Optimization

This may be process development, technology implementation, or custom tool development.

We'll present you with the options and work together to select what works best for you and your community while keeping you in compliance!


Have you ever been presented an offer that seems too good to be true? We've found that many grantees have trouble with delivery purely because recipients aren't aware or don't believe its real. We'll help you get the word out via the best means for YOUR audience.

Client Support

We love providing a world-class client experience. Not only to you but also to YOUR customers. We are happy to communicate with customers on their orders, collaborate with your project leads, and ensure that you look like heroes to your community

Recruiting & Training

Are Tutors, Coaches, or Mentors part of your program? How about staffing and training your internal delivery or project management team? We can support you in all of these areas and handle compensation for contract-based roles.


Since we're developing the workflow together, we will ensure that reporting capabilities are built into the workflow. This keeps you in compliance and stakeholders up to date on key metrics and milestones without any additional effort or messy spreadsheets.

Lets Chat

Learn How Tubey Services helped the American Indian Center of Arkansas (AICA) accomplish 163% of its grant reach goal in just one year.

"Tubey Services saved the day for us! With their EXCELLENT customer service and PHENOMENAL team, we serve over 200 Native American families in Arkansas! With their help, we provide educational resources and improved academic success to students."


Corinna Ortiz, MEd.

ACE Program Director


We would love to learn what brought you here today. 

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21301 S. Tamiami Trail

Suite 320 PMB 105

Estero, FL 33928

General Inquiries:‪(305) 209-0996


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