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“We decided to break away from the traditional model and create a learning platform that would offer both learners and teachers a fun, engaging, authentic, and innovative option to really experience science from a relatable, authentic hand-on perspective.”


We believe that learning cannot take place without purpose and meaning

As students, how many times did we question what the practical purpose of learning the names of every bone in the body was? Which is why most of us don’t know the answer. The problem has always been that there has been a huge gap between learning skills and applying skills. In other words, learners don’t understand how what they are taught can relate to the reality of their context. This is why we place a strong emphasis on learning tools that are both relatable to the learner’s context and practical across different disciplines.

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We provide tool for teachers to become guides to discovery and learning
We provide a way for teachers to transition from the traditional view of them being the sole source for finding knowledge and answers, to becoming leaders that provide self-guided learning and discovery experiences that not only make learning enjoyable and meaningful but also contribute to the development of higher-level thinking skills!

Our learning solutions not only provide the opportunity for students to explore, struggle, persevere, and collaborate to find solutions to real problems using scientific knowledge and principles, but also for teachers to create effective learning environments through the
development activities that stimulate problem solving skills.

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