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SuperSci Online

  • 8 rooms per grade level

  • Each room contains > 15 Activities

  • Accessible on any wifi enabled device

  • Full reporting & administration features

  • Includes curriculum guides with in-classroom activities.

​Per Student /Per Year

SuperSci Books

  • Individual volumes for each room

  • Direct relationship to platform activities.

  • Term Glossaries with each lesson.

  • Activity workbook with each volume

  • Electronic or Physical

Plus Shipping & Handling

Online + Books

The best of both worlds. Each student will have all volumes and unlimited access to the SuperSci platform for one grade level.

Per Student / Per year

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SuperSci Devices.png
SuperSci Devices.png
super sci books.png
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A tool for every parents wanting to provide additional support that offer immersive and engaging content 


A streamlined tool for teachers that help deliver science instruction efficiently and effectively

Schools or Districts

Offering a full-access platform that enables your students to reach their full potential (5).png
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