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Program Features

A feature for every need! 

Just like a well-equipped toolbox, SuperSci is designed to cater to all your scientific needs. Imagine having a toolbox filled with an array of specialized tools, each perfectly suited for a specific task. With SuperSci, you have access to a diverse range of features, each tailored to address different challenges in the world of science.

Key Science Lingo
Term & Definition Matching

Post Activity Assessments

Track progress across activities with in app assessments.

Guided Exploration
Students are free to navigate worlds and environments to reinforce learnings and vocabulary.

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Educators control the pace and schedule of content down to the individual student. Leaderboards are available to share with the class, while full reporting is available to the staff.

Interactive Models
Activities, games, and experiments using Scientific Method & Scientific Investigation students play games and make observations.

Active Feedback
 Delivers real-time insights, enabling learners to immediately gauge their progress and adjust their approach. SuperSci empowers learners to actively refine their skills and grasp concepts more effectively, ultimately optimizing the learning experience. 

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